Volunteer FAQ

Do I need to have prior experience or training to become a firefighter?

No experience is necessary to join Garden City Fire Company. We provide everything you need to succeed as a certified firefighter: training, classes, equipment and gear at no cost to you.

Will I get paid?

No, volunteers do not receive financial compensation; however, the training and experience can help you obtain a future career in firefighting or other public service areas.

How much time do I have to donate as a volunteer?

Volunteers do not have a specified amount of time they need to give. Active firefighters participate in regular training sessions.

Can I volunteer without fighting fires?

Absolutely! We are seeking administration members to assist at community and recruitment events, help with fundraising and grant writing, bookkeeping, and website and social media updates.

How else is Garden City active in the community other than by saving and protecting lives?

You’ll find us at fall festivals, schools, parades and various other events throughout the community.

How do I sign up?

Fill out an inquiry form on the CONTACT US page. Your information will be sent to our recruitment team members who will contact you shortly and invite you to visit our station. We look forward to getting to know one of our fellow neighbors and we hope you decide to join our team.